Who Are We?

The San Antonio Leadership Team is a group of like-minded individuals passionate about sharing the message of good health and committed to helping others take control of their lives and finances through the development of their own Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchises. This group works together to organize and host a variety of events in the San Antonio area that serve and develop the businesses of fellow representatives, as well as provide guests from within the community priceless health education.

Local National Marketing Directors

Rebecca Ingersoll

Rebecca was a full time grandmother facing a serious health challenge when she first learned about Juice Plus+ in 2000. She joined the business to simply cover the cost of her product and reached the top NMD position in 2007 as a grandmother of 5. Juice Plus+ transformed her health and finances, and she loves being able to do to the same for others.

Andrea Bohn

Andrea is a mom of 3, marathon runner, and exercise enthusiast.   She joined The Juice Plus+ Company in December, 2006 and achieved the top position of NMD 4 ½ years later. Andrea was a nominee for the 12 Club Rookie of the Year Elton Award. Her favorite thing about being part of this company is the amazing mentors and team she has been blessed to know.

Trudy Walker

Trudy is a grandma on a mission and a certified health coach. She has been helping people get healthier with Juice Plus+ since 1993 and achieved the NMD position in 2004. Trudy loves that she can do this business anywhere; making new friends and building her team even while traveling abroad, which is one of her passions as a native of Germany.